For the first time, a digital car purchase on credit was launched in Kazakhstan

You can now choose a car, apply for an auto loan, get a final decision on the loan online, issue the required documents and take a car with home delivery in Kazakhstan.     



AllurAuto, which is part of the Allur Group of Companies, together with Eurasian Bank launched the first fully remote car purchase on credit for the Kazakhstani market. There are no analogues of this product in the automotive industry of Kazakhstan and the CIS — the customer does not need to come to the car dealership, all processes, from filing an application to registering a car, are performed remotely.


The digital process allows you to choose a car you like from the Chevrolet, KIA, Jac and Mitsubishi model range, apply for a loan from any device, be it a mobile phone or a PC, get the final decision on the loan, register a turnkey car. The process of obtaining a decision on the loan takes less than 10 minutes. After that, the car center registers the car, issues a technical passport, gets a license plate, prepares the car for the customer and delivers it to the door of the house at the appointed time with all the original documents.


The development of the first remote car purchase on credit in Kazakhstan became possible thanks to the partnership relations of Eurasian Bank and Allur Group of Companies, the digital integration of the two systems and the joint work of specialists.


A key part of the project was availability of biometric identification technology in Eurasian Bank, thanks to which it is enough for the customer to simply pass the biometrics stage (recognition of a person by face) independently and generate a unique digital signature. The procedure takes for most customers less than 5 to 10 minutes, which allows the Bank to speed up the decision-making process on the application, quickly perform scoring and immediately issue a final decision on the loan in a matter of minutes.


Since 2020, AllurAuto has been engaged in full digitalization of all processes, both in the direction of sales and production of cars. Most of the Company’s processes are fully digitized, which allows automating the sale of cars, introducing new products to the market and testing business models unique to the market.


“To date, this is the first such product in the CIS, implemented by the AllurAuto Kazakh automobile company together with Eurasian Bank.  The use of online procedures in the work of a car company will become a long-term trend. We are sure that Kazakhstanis will appreciate these advantages, simplicity and speed, the possibility to immediately submit documents to the Bank. We are making significant efforts to facilitate the process of purchasing a car remotely,” said Mr. Mukhamed Alimkhanov, Retail Managing Director at the Allur Group of Companies.


The growth of the share of online lending is a long-term trend, which is dictated not only by the limitations of the pandemic, but also by the general development of remote services, digitalization of various spheres of society, including retail in Kazakhstan. Companies and banks that have assessed online lending as a huge multi-format industry with a large market volume have made the right bet on the driver of such development.


“Biometric solutions today allow banks to take big steps forward, digitize and accelerate a significant part of banking operations. Online loans are becoming a familiar side of life. And we are glad that now Kazakhstanis are able to appreciate all the advantages of a convenient, fast, and most importantly, safe way to issue an online loan for purchase of cars in a new digital format. In fact, you only need to make a few clicks and you have your own car. The Bank and the car dealership take over the entire side of processing the required documents, state registration of the vehicle. The Bank will continue to develop digital channels for its partners and customers,” said Mr. Ivan Belokhvostikov, Deputy CEO of Eurasian Bank.


For those Kazakhstanis who would like to personally choose a car at a dealership, but at the same time take advantage of all the amenities of remote purchase, AllurAuto has developed QR codes for each car model that are placed in dealerships. The customer can scan the QR code at the dealership using the smartphone, go through the entire previously described path, get approval, sign all the documents and return home. The car is delivered immediately after the completion of the registration procedures.


Today, the product is being launched in a pilot mode and is available to residents of the cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan. This is the first of the line of planned innovative products of AllurAuto, in the future the Company plans to introduce predictive models in the direction of car evaluation, blockchain technology and the use of NFT.


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