Eurasian Bank Elected As Agent Bank For Guaranteed Compensation Payment To AsiaCredit Bank Depositors

Almaty, 19 February 2021


Eurasian Bank (the Bank) has been re-elected as the agent bank for the guaranteed compensation payment. Starting from 24 February 2021, the Bank will pay the guaranteed compensation to the AsiaCredit Bank customers.


“We thank the Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund for trusting us. Eurasian Bank is ready to meet the AsiaCredit Bank depositors and pay the remuneration in any convenient way. To save time and ensure our customers’ safety, from 22 February we are ready to start accepting on our website applications for issue of a free card, where the payments will be transferred after the depositor completes the application for compensation,” said Mr. Valentin Morozov, Eurasian Bank CEO.


Payment of compensation shall be made within the amount of the customer’s deposit balances, taking into account the interest accrued as of the date of the bank license withdrawal:

not more than 15 million tenge for savings deposits in tenge;

not more than 10 million tenge for other deposits in tenge;

and not more than the equivalent of 5 million tenge for deposits in foreign currency (at the exchange rate established as of the date of the bank license withdrawal).


Taking into account the risks of the coronavirus infection spread, on its www.eubank.kz  website Eurasian Bank will set up remote application submission, the compensation amount verification and issue of a free bank card to receive the compensation amount to it.


In addition to payment to a bank card or current account, the Bank also offers to receive a refund to a deposit or in cash through the Outlet cash desk. In this case, the Bank recommends that you monitor the workload of the Outlets before visiting them on eubank.kz.


Depositor applications are accepted until 1 May 2022. The Bank will publish the detailed information on the compensation payment terms by 24 February, the start date of the compensation payment.


Please note that the depositors’ list and calculation of the guaranteed compensation amount are provided by the AsiaCredit Bank provisional administration.


About the Bank

Eurasian Bank is a socially important commercial bank of Kazakhstan with a 26-year history of development. It is in the top 10 Kazakhstan STBs in terms of assets and equity. The Bank provides a wide range of services to corporate and SME customers. The Bank actively develops auto loans, POS-lending, payment cards, mobile banking and payroll projects and occupies one of the leading positions in them. The Bank Outlets are located in all regions of the country. The fact that the Bank becomes an agent for payment of guarantee compensation for the third time is a confirmation of its reliability and stability.


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