History of Eurasian bank


  • In connection with the January events that occurred in Kazakhstan, Eurasian Bank decided not to accrue fines and penalties for individuals who defaulted on loans during the period from 1 to 31 January 2022. For legal entities penalties and fines were not charged until the end of the state of emergency in Kazakhstan – 19 January 2022. Despite the fact that the Bank branch and three outlets in Almaty suffered from the actions of vandals, the Bank promptly organized customer service in other premises. The eubank.kz Bank official website worked even in the conditions of lack of internet access to provide Kazakhstani people with reliable information about the financial institution’s activities.



Moody’s credit rating agency affirmed the Bank’s long-term rating at B2 with a stable outlook, which reflects the agency’s expectations regarding the sustainable development of the financial institution.



  • The Bank launched the Broker 2.0. – solution, whereby approval of a consumer loan takes 4 seconds (on average in the market it takes 30-40 seconds). This result was achieved through a set of solutions: integration with government services, licensing the Bank as a certification center, changing the risk model in the decision-making system, and adapting the customer journey to two indicators: phone number and IIN.
  • The Bank was the first to join the rules of the pilot project, which regulate interaction with crypto exchanges on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The rules of the pilot project were previously developed and signed by the NBRK, ARDFR, AFM, AIFC, MDDIAI, AFK.



  • For the second consecutive year, Global Finance named Eurasian as the best sub-custodian bank in Kazakhstan in 2022 as part of the annual World’s Best Banks Awards. Selection criteria included customer relationships, service quality, competitive pricing, technology platforms, business continuity plans, knowledge of local regulations and practices, etc. The study was conducted in more than 80 countries.
  • The Instant Payment System (IPS) became available via Smartbank mobile app. Payments and transfers by phone number between accounts and e-wallets of any banks and payment organizations can be made via the IPS. The Bank became one of the first participants of the system, and the first money transfers within the system were made by the Bank in the pilot mode in November.
  • The Bank’s sole shareholder decided to allocate the net profit of 12.7 billion tenge to increase the Bank capital in order to further increase the financing of the country’s economy and invest in the development of banking technologies and customer services.



  • By the decision of the Board of Directors, Gaziz Yermekov, Managing Director of the IT Block, was elected as a new member of the Management Board and Deputy Chairperson of the Bank Management Board, who began to supervise the development of information technologies and operational activities of the Bank.



  • The Bank assets exceeded 2 trillion tenge as a result of steady development, growth in lending and other financial services to customers. The Bank moved up to 7th place by asset size.
  • Eurasian Bank wrote off loans to clients who lost their homes as a result of fires in the Kostanay region. The Bank also transferred financial assistance to the Kaiyrymdylyk (Kindness) KZ Unified Fund.
  • Eurasian Bank together with Kazakhstan’s Intebix exchange presented the first crypto fiat transaction in Central Asia. The Bank conducted a legal purchase of cryptocurrency for tenge, offering one of the lowest commissions in the world. The presentation took place at the Digital Bridge 2022 forum, where the joint booth of Intebix and Eurasian Bank was presented to President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and participants.



The Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Development of the Financial Market approved Ms. Lyazzat Satiyeva for the position of Chairperson of the Bank Management Board. Since 2020, Ms. Satiyeva has served as Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board, overseeing corporate business and SME development.



The Bank launched lending by QR code for the Bank partners and clients. The solution allows you to purchase goods or services thanks to a QR code placed at the Bank partners, fill in a few fields and instantly receive a decision. All documents are signed electronically without visiting the Bank outlet.



  • International Business Magazine recognized Eurasian Bank as the best in two nominations – Fastest Consumer Loan and Best Bank in Auto Loans in Kazakhstan in the annual International Business Magazine Awards. The conclusion of the edition’s experts was based on the analysis of the Bank services and products and the results of their integration into the country’s market.
  • Moody’s Ratings Services upgraded Eurasian Bank’s outlook from “stable” to “positive”, affirming its B2 long-term rating in local and foreign currencies. Moody’s expects the Bank to maintain its improved credit metrics, demonstrating rapid loan growth and resilience to the potential impact of the external environment.
  • The powers of Ivan Belokhvostikov, member of the Management Board and Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board, were terminated by the decision of the Bank Board of Directors.


Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund and Eurasian Bank extended the term of payment of compensation to Bank of Astana depositors until 29 July 2021.


  • The Bank suffered an irreparable loss: one of the beneficial owners of Eurasian Bank, Alidzhan Rakhmanovich Ibragimov, passed away.
  • The Bank jointly with Nume Group for the first time in Kazakhstan launched an online service for the removal of collateral from cars.
  • Eurasian Bank was selected as an agent bank for the payment of guaranteed compensation to AsiaCredit Bank depositors.


  • Shukhrat Alidzhanovich Ibragimov, a member of the Bank Board of Directors and one of Alidzhan Ibragimov sons, was elected to the Board of Managers of the ERG Group and became a representative of Alidzhan Ibragimov’s family interests in all assets of the Group in Kazakhstan.
  • Eurasian Bank and SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP, the largest automaker in Kazakhstan, jointly launched the assembly of KIA models at the plant in Kostanay. Under a three-year credit line of 30 billion tenge, opened in 2020, the Bank is financing SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP for the purchase of card kits for Chevrolet and KIA models.


  • By decision of the Eurasian Bank Board of Directors, Yerlanbek Kappar, Bank Treasury Managing Director, was elected as a new member of the Management Board, Deputy Chairman of the Bank Management Board. 
  • The sole shareholder of the Bank refused from the dividends for 2020 and directed the entire profit of the Bank, amounting to 4.2 billion tenge, to recapitalization of the Bank.
  • Eurasian Bank was the first in Kazakhstan to issue Eco-cards made of recycled plastic. The Bank transfers 0.5% of non-cash transactions using an Eco-card to the Eurasian Environmental Fund to finance tree planting and recycling.


  • AllurAuto, part of the Allur Group Of Companies, together with Eurasian Bank launched the first fully remote car purchase on credit for the Kazakhstani market. The digital process allows you to choose a car from the Chevrolet, KIA, JAC and Mitsubishi model ranges, as well as to get the final decision on the loan and arrange the car on a turnkey basis.
  • Eurasian Bank started issuing cards created for car owners – Auto Cards. They offer beneficial bonuses of up to 6% and discounts of up to 30% in the network of over 50 partners across Kazakhstan.
  • The Bank started to pay guaranteed compensation to Capital Bank clients by new rules: after 3 July 2022, unclaimed amounts of depositors are transferred to their individual retirement accounts in the UPSF as voluntary pension contributions.


  • Eurasian Bank Management Board decided to support the victims of the August 2021 explosions in Zhambyl Province and write off the Bank customers’ existing loans.
  • Moody’s credit rating agency upgraded the Bank outlook on long-term national and foreign currency deposit ratings to “stable”. The ratings were confirmed. Enhancement of the outlook, as follows from the credit rating agency’s press release, reflects the stability of the Bank’s financial stability profile due to the high performance and quality of loans in the consumer-lending segment.
  • Eurasian Bank was awarded the Best Auto Loan for SME international award of the International Finance magazine.


  • Eurasian Bank launched digital lending of used cars. The entire lending process is available on the car.eubank.kz website and it takes only a few clicks — from choosing a car brand and determining the loan amount to receiving the final decision.


Based on the Eurasian Bank application, the Moody’s credit rating agency withdrew the Bank ratings on the national scale. The agency’s international rating differs from the rating on the national scale in that it allows a global comparison of the Bank position with all international institutions, which the national rating does not provide. 


  • Eurasian Bank launched Google Pay for MasterCard and Visa payment systems.
  • Global Finance, an international financial independent magazine, recognized Eurasian Bank as the best custodian bank in Kazakhstan in 2021 as part of the World’s Best Banks Awards annual rating.


Eurasian Bank obtained the third tranche in the amount of 1, 875, 000, 000 (one billion eight hundred seventy-five million) tenge from Development Bank of Kazakhstan within the framework of the state Program for preferential car loans. The funds have been allocated for lending to individuals – buyers of vehicles manufactured in Kazakhstan by Asia Auto JSC and SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP under the preferential terms.


  • Eurasian Bank obtained the tranche for concessional lending of business in the amount of 1, 125, 553, 000 (one billion one hundred twenty-five million five hundred fifty- three thousand) tenge from Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund JSC for involving Kazakhstanis in entrepreneurship and supporting start-ups within the implementation of the 2017-2021 Program for Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship. Of this amount, 1, 015, 000, 000 (one billion fifteen million) tenge was allocated for concessional lending to business in Almaty, 51, 714, 000 (fifty-one million seven hundred and fourteen thousand) tenge in the Almaty Province, 58, 839, 000 (fifty-eight million eight hundred thirty- nine thousand) tenge for preferential loans in the East Kazakhstan region.   
  • On the basis of the decision of the Eurasian Bank’s Board of Directors, the new members of the Management Board were elected. Shukhrat Abdirasulovich Sadyrov was appointed Deputy CEO. Mr. Sadyrov’s responsibility is to develop the corporate and SME business block. Ivan Vladimirovich Belokhvostikov was transferred to the position of Deputy CEO of Eurasian Bank from the position of Managing Director, he will continue to supervise the Bank’s retail business. Sabyrzhan Madiyevich Bekbosunov was transferred to the position of Deputy CEO, responsibility zone – the Bank’s security service. Dina Zeynelovna Katekova was transferred to the position of Deputy CEO from the position of Managing Director of the Bank. She will continue to supervise the Bank’s analytical unit, which includes the functions of credit analysis of projects, analysis of the financial standing of potential corporate customers (mortgagors, guarantors). Thus, the composition of the Management Board of Eurasian Bank as of 27 December 2018: Pavel Loginov — Chief Executive Officer, Oleg Pechenkin, Nurlan Ayazbayev, Shukhrat Sadyrov, Ivan Belokhvostikov, Dina Katekova, Sabyrzhan Bekbosunov – Deputies of Chief Executive Officer, members of the Management Board.


  • Eurasian Bank presented PayDA Installment Card. According to the developers, the target audience of the product is all Kazakhstan people, who are used to paying for purchases with payment cards, but now they have an opportunity to pay by installments. The main difference of PayDA from other installment cards is absence of restrictions on the partner network, bonuses for each purchase, as well as the possibility to pay for purchases not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad. In addition, with PayDA you can pay for purchases online in Internet shops.
  • Natalya Mikhailovna Druzhinina was appointed Deputy CEO of Eurasian Bank, was elected as a member of the Management Board. Her sphere of responsibility includes the Bank’s financial block.


Mastercard and Eurasian Bank launched the Eurasian pay digital wallet — the Bank clients, Mastercard holders can pay make one-touch payment for purchases with a smartphone to the terminal accepting contactless payments. You can connect to the service using a smartphone based on Android 4.4 and higher, supporting NFC technology.


  • Eurasian Bank transferred 2,500 financial consultants to Linux software instead of the previously used Microsoft software for efficient use of the Bank funds. The overall saving effect will be 183 million tenge a year.
  • Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC international credit-rating agency confirmed Eurasian Bank’s B/B long-term rating outlook, and heightened rating on a national scale due to the criteria review. Standard & Poor’s noted the Bank significance for the Kazakhstan baking system, which “reflects its significant market share in the retail deposits segment and leading positions in the consumer (especially auto) loans segment, as well as participation in the banking system recapitalization state program”.


Eurasian Bank agreed with ATFBank and Bank CenterCredit on unified cash withdrawal limits in common ATM network.  The total number of ATMs in which Eurasian Bank customers can withdraw cash at their “home” tariffs has increased to 4,150 throughout Kazakhstan. Earlier, the agreement to create a unified ATM space was reached with ForteBank, Kaspi Bank, Sberbank SB and Tsesnabank.  


  • Eurasian Bank concluded an exclusive agreement on trading lending with Leroy Merlin Kazakhstan. The customers of the construction hypermarket, which opened in Almaty, can purchase everything required for repairing and equipping the house, dacha and garden “under one roof” on credit or in installments from Eurasian Bank. Registration of bank documents requires no more than 30 minutes and takes place in the shopping center, located on the Tashkent highway in the southern capital.
  • The composition of the members of the Eurasian Bank Board of Directors changed. On 10 August 2018, the powers of the Board of Directors members Patokh Kayumovich Shodiev and Anton Vladimirovich Yurkovets, Independent Director, were terminated prematurely. As of 13 August 2018 the composition of the members of the Eurasian Bank Management Board is as follows: Mashkevich Aleksandr Antonovich — the Chairman of the Board of Directors; Ibragimov Shukhrat Alidzhanovich — a member of  the Board of Directors; Umanov Boris Grigoriyevich — a member of  the Board of Directors; Loginov Pavel Vyacheslavovich — a member of  the Board of Directors; Kozhrakov Bagytzhan Aitzhanovich — a member of  the Board of Directors; Kim Inessa Cher-Khvanovna — a member of  the Board of Directors – Independent Director; Bekenov Zhanbota Temirgaliyevich — a member of  the Board of Directors – Independent Director; Repei Vitaliy Nikolaevich — a member of  the Board of Directors – Independent Director.
  • Eurasian Bank participates in the 7-20-25 housing program. Since 15 August 2018, Eurasian Bank accepts applications under the 7-20-25 New opportunities for purchasing housing for each family program. Up till now applications are accepted only in Almaty in the Branch building at: Baytursynov Street, House 50-52. Until the end of 2018, Eurasian Bank plans to implement the acceptance of applications under the 7-20-25 Program in 7 other cities of its Branch Network.
  • Eurasian Bank initiated the new Infinidat data storage system. In the past two years, the Bank has shown a high growth rate of business, which entailed increased burden on all IT systems and led to a significant increase in the information processed by the Bank. There was a need for a new reliable and high-performance data storage service. The innovative solution of the Infinidat Israeli company, meeting the most modern standards for systems of this level, fully satisfied the requirements of the Eurasian Bank IT Department: a record system capacity of 500 thousand IOPS (IOPS is a number of Input / Output operations performed by the data storage system per second); reliability of the system, estimated at 99.99999%; possibility to flexibly increase the amount of space from 10 TB to 4 PB; simple and intuitive interface. The solution allowed in the shortest time to increase the availability and reliability of key services of the Bank. In addition, the introduction of the system reduces the operational costs of the Bank, and in the long term – capital investments in the IT infrastructure as well.


Eurasian Bank informed on re-electing Aleksandr Mashkevich as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Upon the expiry of the terms of office of the current members of the Eurasian Bank Board of Directors and the election on 14 September 2018 of the current Board of Directors for a new term of office in accordance with the decision of the sole shareholder, The Eurasian Financial Company, the Bank Board of Directors on 21 September 2018 elected Mr. Mashkevich as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for a 5-year term of office.


  • Eurasian Bank launched the pilot Eurasian Bank pilot project on issuing unsecured cash loans and unsecured loans to pensioners in Kazpost offices in Aktyubinsk, Karaganda and Zhambyl regions. In the Aktobe region, the project covers 40 Kazpost outlets, in Karaganda – 90, in Zhambyl – 64. The detailed addresses of the outlets can be found at eubank.kz.
  • The 7-20-25 Program from Eurasian Bank in 4 cities of Kazakhstan already.
  • Eurasian Bank, Astana LRT and Mastercard international payment system issued a co-branded bank card. With the new card, you can pay not only for purchases but also for travel by Astana public transport with one touch on the validator. This is the first such product in the market of Kazakhstan. The main advantage of the Astana LRT co-branded card from Eurasian Bank is the combination of a payment and travel cards.


  • Eurasian Bank and Kazyna Capital Management signed memorandum of cooperation. According to the document, the parties are interested in establishing long-term mutually beneficial cooperation aimed at implementing projects within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the fields of energy, engineering, infrastructure and industry. Kazyna Capital Management can become a partner and enter the capital of companies that need additional funding for further modernization, expansion and development. Eurasian Bank is ready to lend to entrepreneurs in relation to which Kazyna Capital Management acts as a shareholder if they need additional funds for modernization, working capital and other business goals, or they want to re-finance expensive loans.
  • In accordance with the decision of the Eurasian Bank sole shareholder dated 8 November 2018, the powers of the Board of Directors member Boris Umanov were early terminated on his initiative since 8 November 2018.  
  • Eurasian Bank, Mastercard and Apple launched the Apple Pay service for the Eurasian Bank customers, Mastercard cardholders. Six banks in Kazakhstan launched the Apple Pay service at the same time.


S&P Global Ratings international credit-rating agency confirmed the issuing Eurasian Bank’s (hereinafter-the Bank) long-term and short-term В/В rating outlook. The alteration forecast remains unchanged. At the same time, on a national scale the Bank rating was confirmed as “kzBB+”. S&P considers, “Confirmation of the ratings reflects our view that Eurasian Bank will continue to receive benefits thanks to its significant market share in the retail deposit segment and its leading position in the consumer loan segment, especially auto loans, as well as a fairly stable funding base, which is due to the relative fame of its brand in the country”. In addition, the agency analysts estimated the state of the Bank liquidity, “adequate liquidity reserves against the background of a relatively stable funding base support our point of view regarding its financial profile in the context of increased industry risks”. 


Eurasian Bank was recognized as the best Kazakhstan bank in the World’s Best Trade Finance Providers 2016 nomination according to the Global Finance magazine.

Eurasian Bank launched its own loyalty program for cardholders, depositors and borrowers of the Bank. Under the new program, clients will be able to instantly receive guaranteed and enhanced bonuses for everyday purchases with the card, transactions in Smartbank, money transfers, opening a deposit, registering a loan, issuing a credit card and many other activities.

Eurasian Bank was awarded the ICA Award “COMPLIANCE 2016 — For promotion of compliance practices in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, having become the only STB in Kazakhstan that obtained the international award in the compliance field for application of the advanced experience and best world practices.


The Board of Directors of the Bank made a decision to increase the equity capital of Eurasian Bank by 6 billion tenge. Thus, the shareholder’s capital of the Bank is 57.1 billion tenge, and the regulatory capital exceeds 103.9 billion tenge. As a result, the Eurasian Bank capital adequacy ratios, which complied with the regulator’s requirements before, substantially increase.

Eurasian Bank launches a new credit card for purchase in installments at a 0% interest rate, which, unlike products of competitors, is valid not only in the network of partners, but also in any shop, including abroad or an online shop. The purchase amount on the card is divided into three equal payments, for each transaction a guaranteed bonus is accrued, and only the transaction fee is paid.


At the annual general meeting of shareholders of the Eurasian Bank Public Joint-Stock Company (PJSC), held on 14 April 2017, a new Board of Directors of the Bank was elected. It includes Pavel Loginov, Yelena Smirnova, Oleg Pechenkin, Munisa Shodieva, Nurbek Ayazbayev.


Eurasian Bank became one of the participants to the Program for redemption and sale of measured bars of refined gold to the population from the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Bank began selling gold bars of four types – 10, 20, 50 and 100 grams – made by the Kazakh Mint, in the offices of Almaty, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Atyrau.

Standard & Poor’s, the international credit-rating agency confirmed the bank-agent’s long-term and short-term B/B rating outlook. At the same time on a national scale the Bank rating was confirmed as “kzBB”.


Eurasian Bank launched the Loan at 0.1% action, under which clients, who obtained unsecured loans from 1 July to 31 December 2017, become participants to the lottery of 96 loans at 0.1% rate. Under the terms of the action at registration of a loan agreement, its number is automatically entered into the participant database. Every month on the air, with the help of a random sampling of numbers, 16 winners are selected, and the rate on their loan is recalculated at 0.1%.

Eurasian Bank successfully passed the annual certification procedure for compliance with the requirements of version 3.2 of the PCI DSS information protection international standard in the payment card industry. This confirms the high level of security of the Bank’s informational systems that secure storage, processing and transmission of payment card data according to the opinion of independent audit conducted by FortConsult.


The Board of Directors of Eurasian Bank approved the Development Strategy of Eurasian Bank until 2022, the main objective of which is to make the Bank the most convenient bank for clients, the best employer, and profitable for shareholders and investors.

Eurasian Bank bought out its own international obligations in the total amount of 258, 801, 056 US dollars on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange during the period from 17 to 25 August, 2017. Taking into account previously redeemed and canceled eurobonds, the Bank’s repayment obligations under this issue on the scheduled redemption date, on 6 November 2017, are 102,595,944 US dollars.

Eurasian Bank issued subordinated bonds in the amount of 150 billion tenge.

Eurasian Bank became the first participant to the Kazakhstan Bank Sector Financial Sustainability Enhancement Program in accordance with the Resolution of the Management Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 183.


By the decision of the Board of Directors of Eurasian Bank PJSC Dmitry Brik was appointed the Chairman of the Management Board of Eurasian Bank PJSC (Russia). Prior to his appointment to the post of the Chairman of the Management Board, Dmitry Brik coordinated the work of the Eurasian Bank branches in the position of Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board.


Eurasian Bank, ForteBank, SB Sberbank and Kaspi Bank entered into the agreement on partner terms for cash withdrawal in local ATM networks. Clients of four banks will be able to withdraw up to 200 thousand tenge per one transaction and up to 500 thousand tenge per day from ATM of another participating bank. The Agreement simplifies for clients the cash withdrawal from more than 2, 500 ATMs throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Eurasian Bank and OneTwoTrip travel service launched the special eubank.onetwotrip.kz portal, allowing the Bank clients to get a bonus when buying air tickets and booking hotels or to pay by installment for 3 months.

S&P Global Ratings (S&P) the international credit-rating agency confirmed the bank-agent’s long-term and short-term B/B rating outlook and the rating on a national scale “kzBB”. In addition, S&P removed the UCO Bank ratings (Under Criteria Observation – ratings observed due to the criteria review) as the Bank is a participant to the Kazakhstan Bank Sector Financial Sustainability Enhancement Program.

January 2016 Eurasian Bank finalized its financial result for 2015. As of 2015 year-end, the Bank assets amounted to KZT 1.04 trillion, the capital to KZT 77.7 bln, according to the NBRK Financial Reporting Standards.

As assessed by Standard & Poor’s credit-rating agency, Eurasian Bank has “B” long-term rating with a ‘stable’ outlook.

January 2016 Eurasian Bank obtained the second tranche in the amount of KZT 3 bln within the framework of the domestic auto industry support state program that had started in April 2015. The funds were allocated for loans to individual buyers of vehicles manufactured in Kazakhstan by Asia Auto LLP and SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP under the preferential terms. Kazakhstanis can apply for purchase of a car on credit at a 4% nominal rate – and this is the lowest cost of car loans in Kazakhstan.

April 2016 Eurasian Bank is the best. EMEA Finance international economic edition recognized Eurasian Bank as the best bank in Kazakhstan as of year-end 2015. For three years in a row Eurasian Bank has been winning this award.

June 2016 Eurasian Bank took part in lending the Affordable Housing-2020 Program. To finance the project, banks formed a syndicate. Eurasian Bank allocated funds in the amount of KZT 7.2 bln for construction and installation works.

October 2016 Eurasian Bank, in accordance with the resolution of the Board of Directors, increased its equity by KZT 15 bln. Thus, the authorized capital of the Bank grew by 42%, and the regulatory capital exceeded KZT 100 bln.

December 2016 The Board of Directors of Eurasian Bank resolved to appoint Pavel Loginov as the Chairman of the Management Board of the Bank, effective as of 5 December 2016.  The main tasks set by the shareholders for the new leader: increase of the Bank effectiveness via modernization of its operating processes, introduction of modern customer service technologies, and improvement of its risk evaluation system.

January 2015 Eurasian Bank has finalized its financial result for 2014. According to non-consolidated financial statement based on NB RK standards the Net Income of the Bank after tax reached KZT 11.02 bln.

February 2015 Eurasian Bank received an award “Best securitization deal in CEE: Eurasian Bank’s loan portfolio securitisation” from EMEA Finance.

March 2015 EMEA Finance named Eurasian Bank the “Best bank in Kazakhstan”.

April 2015 Eurasian Bank signed an agreement with the Development Bank of Kazakhstan under the program for subsidized interest rates on made in Kazakhstan car loans.

July 2015 Eurasian Bank received an award “Domestic Retail Bank of the Year in Kazakhstan” from Asian Banking & Finance.

July 2015 Eurasian Bank received an award “USD Straight —Through Processing Excellence Award” from Deutsche Bank AG.

October 2015 Eurasian Bank signed the SPA in Istanbul, acquires 100%of shares of BankPozitiv Kazakhstan from Turkish BankPozitif Kredi ve Kalkinma Bankasi Anonim Sirketi.

October 2015 Eurasian Bank for the first time in the Kazakhstani market launched USSD banking.

November 2015 Eurasian Bank Eurasian Bank increased its capital by KZT 6 billion.

December 2015 Eurasian Bank completed the acquisition of BankPozitiv Kazakhstan.

December 2015 Eurasian Bank launched a new service for Kazakhstan “Pay.Smartbank.kz”, which is available to customers of all banks in Kazakhstan.

December 2015 Eurasian Bank received an award “Significant growth of cross border volumes” from Visa.

January 2014, Eurasian Bank increased its profit by 34.3% in 2013 (according to NBRK financial reporting standards)

February 2014 Eurasian Bank maintains it status as a “safe-haven” in the Kazakh banking sector. As of the close of business the 18th of February, total deposits and current accounts have increased by KZT 45.8 bln (plus 11.7% ) and KZT 34.9 bln (plus 8.7%) from the beginning of the year and from the close of business on the day before the devaluation  announcement, respectively

February 2014 Moody’s Investor Service reaffirmed the credit rating of Eurasian Bank as B1 with a negative outlook

April 2014 Eurasian Bank’s Net Profit in 1Q2014 was KZT 1.2 bln

June 2014 Eurasian Bank announced the launch of its groundbreaking new full-service, multi-language mobile banking app, available on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows Phone, is the first of its kind in the region and will be available to the Bank’s customer base that will exceed 1 million this year

October 2014 Eurasian Bank’s Assets increased by 30.7% during three quarters of 2014.

November 2014 A 200,000 client has signed up for SMARTBANK online banking service.

December 2014 The Banker chose again Eurasian Bank as ‘Bank of the Year in Kazakhstan- 2014’.

January 2013: Eurasian Bank opens its Private Banking branch for VIP clients, offering wealth management services from international partners

January 2013: Eurasian Bank becomes principal member of MasterCard

February 2013: Eurasian Bank launches its Branch of the Future plan with automated electronic cashiers in to branches in Almaty and Atyrau

May 2013: Michael Eggleton, the CEO, received the CEO of the Year – 2013 award from the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan

July 2013: Eurasian Bank was named The Best Retail bank in Kazakhstan in 2013 by Asian Banking & Finance

July 2013: Standard & Poor’s revised Bank’s Outlook to Positive from Stable, affirmed its ‘B+’ long-term and ‘B’ short-term counterparty credit rating. Also S&P raised their Kazakhstan national scale rating on Eurasian Bank to ‘kzBBB+’ from ‘kzBBB’

July 2013: Eurasian Bank’s Net Profit in Kazakhstan Increased by 85.5%

August 2013Eurasian Bank Increased its Net Profit under IFRS by 80.5% in the First Half of 2013 versus the First Half of 2012

tober 2013Eurasian Bank JSC launched a new remote channel for connecting to SMARTBANK. Now, without the need to visit a Bank, customers can easily and quickly register at SMARTBANK via ATM

December 2013:  JSC “Eurasian Bank” announces successful closing of the 1st standard consumer loan assignment & servicing transaction in Kazakhstan

July 2012: Euromoney magazine named Eurasian Bank as Best Bank in Kazakhstan

July 2012: Kazakhstani Rating Agency KzRating upgraded the credit rating of the Bank on a national scale from BBB to A- and the international scale from BB- to BB with a Stable outlook

August 2012: Eurasian Bank was named The Best Retail bank in Kazakhstan in 2012 by Asian Banking & Finance

November 2012: The Banker named Eurasian Bank as Bank of the Year in Kazakhstan

December 2012: Deutsche Bank presents Eurasian Bank the 2012 Straight – Through Processing Excellence Award

December 2012: The Bank ends the year with 1,900 points of sale and 648,000 clients

December 2012: Kazakhstani Rating Agency KzRating upgraded the credit rating of the Bank on a national scale from A- to A+ and the international scale from BB to BB+ with a Stable outlook

January 2011: Increase of national scale rating by Standard & Poor’s of Eurasian Bank from “kzBB” to “kzBB+”, confirmation of the partners credit ratings at the level B/B, and revision of rating outlook of Eurasian Bank from “Negative” to “Stable”. Eurasian Bank is the only Bank which ratings have not been affected by economic default.

Moody’s rating of deposits in local and foreign currency B1, outlook – “Negative”.

February 2011: Acquisition of Micro Credit Organization ProstoCredit from Société Générale

March 2011: Moody’s assigned rating B1 on the following debt instruments:

  • KZT10000M priority unsecured straight bond with repayment period in 2023,
  • KZT5000M priority unsecured straight bond with repayment period in 2019.
  • Moody’s assigned rating B2 to the following subordinated debt instruments:
  • KZT5000M subordinated straight bond with repayment period in 2015,
  • KZT15000M subordinated straight bond with repayment period in 2023.

March 2011: Purchase of MCO «ProstoCredit» (SocieteGenerale) in order to expand the volumes of retail business over 450 points of sales throughout the territory of Kazakhstan, increase of Eurasian Bank’s client base by 250 000.

June 2011: Moody’s assigned long term rating B1of the long term debt bonds in local currency to Bank’s bond emission to the amount of KZT22 billion (USD151million).

1st half of 2011:

  • Rating agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poors confirmed the ratings of Eurasian Bank for the first half of 2011 at the level B1 with negative outlook and B with stable outlook, correspondingly.
  • Eurasian Bank has become one of the best banks in thebanking sector of Kazakhstan according to the indicators ROAE and ROAA at thelevel of 16.9% and 1.3% as of the end of the first half of 2011 correspondingly.
  • The total value of assets as of July 1, 2011 reduced by 7% in comparison with the same period of the previous year down to KZT 338 billion, whereas the loan portfolio increased by 31.7% for the same period, in accordance with the medium-term strategy in order todecrease negative spread, which occurred as a result of excessive liquidity, and to increase the high-yielding assets share.
  • Fast growth of net profit to the level of KZT 2.3 billion as of the end of June 2011 compared to the loss in the amount of KZT 1.3 billion at the end of June of theprevious year.
  • Starting from the end of 2010, the number of sales points has grown by 74.2% up to 1136 as of the end of June 2011.
  • As of July 1, 2011, the number of clients was 436 467, increasing by 78.2% during the year.
  • Fee income / operating income made out 15,3% as of July 1, 2011.
  • The total income before provisions with tax deduction made out KZT 3.5 billion as of July 1, 2011 having increased by 204.6% comparing to KZT 1.2 billion as of July 1, 2010.
  • In order to increase profits, the share of loan portfolio in Bank’s joint assets has been increased by 21% comparingto the same period of the previous year.
  • Eurasian Bank has one of the best indicators of received interest income ratio to accrued interest income making out 95.4% as of July 1, 2011 comparing to 89.1% as of July 1, 2010.
  • The net interest margin (NIM) for the year to date increased at the end of June 2011 to 4.7% fixing a leap by 176.5% comparing to June 2010.
  • The Bank continuously works on reduction of cost-income ratio, and at the end of the first half of this year the ratio is 63.5% (81.6% in the same period of 2010).

December 2011: Standard & Poor’s raises the credit rating of the Bank to B/B, the local rating from kzBB to kzBB+, and changes the outlook from negative to stable

December 2011: The Bank ends the year with more than 450 points of sale throughout Kazakhstan. Client numbers increased by 250,000 to 419,000

In 2010, the Bank has proven itself as profitable once again (with and without provisions) after formation of reserves in order to cover losses on credits in 2009 andafter appropriate increase of the capital by Bank’s shareholders (Eurasian Bank is the only bank on domestic market that did not demand the state support in conditions of deficit of capital).
In the beginning of 2010, the successful purchasing of Russian commercial bank “Troika Dialogue”, Moscow was realized within the expanding strategy of geography of Eurasian Bank’s presence in the CIS countries. This resulted in the growth of client base and the amount of credit operations, as well as first places in volume of currency business on KASE (Kazakhstan stock exchange).

Eurasian Bank is awarded with diploma of Kazakh stock exchange for the tendency to transparency.

In accordance with the resolutions of the Board of Directors Eurasian Bank JSC sold to its sole shareholder Eurasian Financial Industrial Company JSC (EFIC JSC) three affiliated companies: Eurasian Capital JSC, Eurasian Accumulating Pension Fund JSC (EAPF JSC) anв Eurasia Insurance Company JSC (IC Eurasia JSC).

For the first time in Kazakhstan, Eurasian Bank opened the branch, which will have a 12-hour business day.

Transformation into universal commercial institution

  • Management team is strengthened with professionals having extensive banking experience in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine.
  • Bank’s equity has been increased by KZT 4 bln and achieved KZT 12 bln (US$ 99 million)
  • Restyling of the Bank and its subsidiaries.
  • As of July 1, 2008, the Bank moved to the 9th position in terms of assets among allcommercial banks in Kazakhstan.
  • Becoming a principal Member of Visa International.
  • Design of Eurasian Bank’s card VISA Infinite Eurasian Diamond Card is recognized as the best in CEMEA.
  • Eurasian Bank and Visa present the first in the world exclusive card with diamond and golden ornament – VISA Infinite Eurasian Diamond Card.
  • Eurasian Bank completed the last large payment on its external obligations.
  • Eurasian Bank became a member of the first auction on futures for fine gold at KASE.
  • For the first time in Kazakhstan, Eurasian Bank launches Visa cards for children.
  • The Agency of Financial Supervision registered bonds program of Eurasian Bank to the amount of KZT 100 billion.
  • Eurasian Bank paid off syndicated loan in the amount of $ 51,5 million.
  • Eurasian Bank increases for more than 3 times the size of authorized capital of its affiliated pension fund.
  • 2 new cash and settlement branches opened in Astana.
  • For the first time, the Bank has been acting as investment bank and become financial consultant and underwriter of bond issuance by Kazakhstan Kagazy Company to the amount of $100 million.
  • International payment system Visa International increased the Bank’s status to Principal Member.
  • Equity of the Bank has been increased by KZT 4 billion and achieved KZT 12 billion (US$ 99 million).
  • Eurasian Bank and its affiliates perform restyling.
  • Changeover of Bank’s management team. Key positions in management of the financial institute were taken by experienced managers with large experience at the banks in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia.

The fourth syndicated loan in the amount of 51.5 million US dollars was acquired.

Fitch confirmed the Eurasian Bank’s B – rating, the outlook is stable.

The first bond program in the amount of 30 billion tenge and the first bond issue within the Bank’s bond program were registered.

Eurasian Bank acquired 100% of ordinary shares of Central Asian Trust Company JSC.

The method for determining the value of shares at repurchase by the Bank was approved.

Standard & Poor’s changed the outlook to Positive from Stable. The B/B credit ratings were confirmed. The Bank’s rating on the Kazakhstan national scale was upgraded to kzBBB- from kzBB.

Transferable loan agreement (Schuldschein loan) for the amount of 25 million US dollars was signed.

Acquisition of 100% of shares of Eurasia Insurance Company JSC and of Bailyk Asset Management Pension Plan Investment Management Organization JSC.

Acquired 100% of shares of Senim Pension Savings Fund JSC.

The Bank’s charter capital increased to 7,999,927,434 thousand tenge as a result of ordinary shares placement.

The third syndicated loan was acquired in two tranches in the amount of 110 million US dollars.

Standard & Poor’s assigned В/В long-term and short-term credit ratings to the Bank, and the kzBB rating on the Kazakhstan national scale. The outlook on the ratings is stable.

Implementation of independent card processing center.

Fitch assigned the Bank the B- issuer default rating, with a stable outlook, B short-term rating, 5 support rating and D / E individual rating to the Bank.

Joined the First Credit Bureau LLP.

The second syndicated loan in the amount of 50 million US dollars was acquired.

The first syndicated loan in the amount of 15.5 million US dollars was acquired.

Became a member of the Kazakhstan Mortgage Loan Guarantee Fund.

The License was obtained from the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Market and Financial Organizations for carrying out operations in national and foreign currency No. 237 dated 1.03.04, as stipulated by banking legislation.

The first issue of registered coupon debenture bonds was registered.

Re-registration of Eurasian Bank CJSC as Eurasian Bank Joint-Stock Company was performed.

Moody’s Investors Service assigned B1 credit rating for long-term and NP for short-term foreign currency deposits, “E” (FSR). The outlook on the ratings is stable.

Became a shareholder of Processing Center CJSC.

For the first time, transactions in promissory notes were effected at Kazakhstan Stock Exchange CJSC.

The State License for carrying out banking operations in tenge and foreign currency No. 237 was obtained.

The Bank was recognized as fulfilling the requirements of the Rules “On the Procedure for Transition of STBs to International Standards”.

Received the status of a VISA International associate member.

Became a member of the Eurasian Industrial Association (EIA).

Joined the Bank Analysts Club.

Became a participant to the “VISA International” international payment system.

The General Agreement on rediscount of bills of exchange with the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan was concluded.

Became a member of the system of mandatory collective guaranteeing (insurance) of individual deposits.

Became a member of the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan.

Started operations as a bank custodian.

The State License No. 20060007 for engaging in custodian activities was obtained.

The State License No. 20030124 was obtained for engaging in brokerage and dealer activities with government securities with the right to keep customer accounts as a nominal holder.

Became a member of SWIFT (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).

The second issue of shares was registered, which resulted in the increase in the Bank’s charter capital to 1,360.6 million tenge.

Became a member to the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

A contract was concluded on performance of the primary dealer function in dealing with government securities.

The first category state license No. 20030007 was obtained, which gives the right to conduct broker and dealer activities in the securities market.

Re-registration of Eurasian Bank Joint-Stock Bank as Eurasian Bank CJSC.

The first issue of the Bank shares for the amount of 95.6 million tenge was registered.

The general license for carrying out banking operations was obtained.

In December, Eurasian Bank was established as a joint-stock bank.

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