Temporary Savings Account

Terms of deposit



remuneration rates


Minimum deposit amount

5 000 tenge

Maximum deposit amount


Interest payment period

Interest will be paid at theend of the depositterm when the founder provides proof that the legal entity has been registered with the government. The founder will receive the principal amount of the deposit when the interest is paid.

cash withdrawal

full or partial

early dissolution

in case of termination of the contract without the provision of documentation on the passage / non-passage of state registration, the remuneration for the deposit is recalculated at a remuneration rate of 0.01% per annum.

in case of termination of the contract in the case of the provision of a document confirming the fact of the state registration of the legal entity, the depositor is paid the amount of accrued remuneration for the actual number of days of the contract validity.


the document verifying the identity*

Deposit replenishment

  • Via Smartbank mobile application from any card of banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Via Bank terminals
  • Via cash desk at the Bank outlet

Interest rates**

Nominal rates


Effective rates***


* The deposit is opened by a physical entity (resident / non-resident) authorized by the founders of a legal entity to open and close a temporary savings account.
** Deviations (+/- 0.1% per annum) in the value of annual effective interest rates are allowed.
*** The annual effective interest rate is calculated in accordance with the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 26, 2012 No. 137 On approving the Rules for calculating interest rates in reliable, annual, effective, comparable calculation (real value) on loans and deposits.
The rate of remuneration was approved by the decision of the Committee for the Management of Assets and Liabilities of Eurasian Bank JSC No. CUAO-2012-1-33 of 12.06.2012 (effective from 17.07.2012).
The rate of remuneration, established at the conclusion of the bank deposit agreement, is maintained until the bank deposit agreement is terminated.

«Pass-through service»

The service “Pass-through service” of operations on a client’s bank account in any branch of the Bank.

End-to-end servicing is replenishment or withdrawal of funds from current / savings accounts through the branch network of the Bank, namely: a customer, opening a bank account in one of the branches of the Bank, replenishes an account or withdraws from an account in another branch of the Bank.

If you have opened an account after 06.05.2015 this service is automatically available to you.

If you have opened an account before 05.06.2015, then you need to contact the Bank and fill out an application for the provision of this service.

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