Payroll loan


Quick consideration and approval

Minimum set of documents –
identity card or passport*

Beneficial loan terms for our clients

No Bank fees for loan registration and issuance

Partial/full loan repayment with no penalties/fees and limits for the repayment amount

Possibility of getting loan funds in a day

Possibility of getting up to 5 million tenge

* The Bank Manager may request an additional set of documents

From application to loan issuance - 1 day

Submit your application online — and we immediately process it

Our specialist will call you to ask a few questions

Learn about the Bank’s decision on your loan approval

Get the money

Loan issuance terms

Lending currency


Loan amount

from 20,000 tenge up to 5, 000, 000 tenge

Loan term

up to 60 months

Interest rates

depending on the loan term



Fee for loan registration/issuance



identity card or passport

Requirements for the client

  • Age - from 21 to 65, for pensioners - 75 years (by the date of the end of loan validity term);
  • Remember to make a payment on time. It is important to repay your loan on time, otherwise the credit history will be damaged, and difficulties may arise in the future when applying for a loan.

Loan repayment

Methods of repayment

  • Via Smartbank mobile app
  • Via Bank terminals
  • Via cash desk at the Bank outlet

Early repayment

  • Partial and full early repayment
  • No fines and fees
  • No limit for repayment amount

The possibility of obtaining 

loan for 1 day

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