Bank accounts

Bank accounts

Eurasian Bank offers to legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, farms, private bailiffs, private notaries and advocates, professional mediators the following types of accounts:


  • The current account in tenge is intended for settlements with your partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as for paying taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget.


  • The current account in foreign currency is intended for settlements in foreign currency within the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Bank provides currency control services, including provision of advisory services on currency legislation, issuing passports, transactions, etc.


  • The transit current account is intended for accumulation of money and further transfer to your current account. This service is convenient for customers having an extensive network of branches and representative offices in Kazakhstan.


  • An escrow account is intended for depositing money in a bank account in the name of another person so that the money will be issued to him only after the conditions set by the parties have been fulfilled.


  • Savings account is intended for placing free cash in tenge and in foreign currency. The Bank has established a flexible system of interest rates on deposits depending on the currency type, the amount and the period of deposit.


  • Limited current account. The Bank provides agency services for monitoring and controlling status of current accounts and its units according to the estimates established by the client. Payments from the branch account are carried out in a limited order in accordance with the monthly budget allocated and approved by the client. Monthly budget can be provided by facsimile or via the Client’s Bank RBS for legal entities.

Having opened a current account with Eurasian Bank, you get the opportunity to conduct transactions involving:

  • money transfers in tenge;
  • money transfers in foreign currency;
  • taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget;
  • pension and social contributions социальных отчислений;
  • cash operations;
  • conversion operations;
  • registration and remote maintenance of bank accounts in the Client’s Bank RBS;

and  many other services provided by the Bank.

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