Corporate loans

Business Auto Program

Loan purpose

For those companies that need cargo or passenger transport, passenger car or special business equipment


Beneficial rate, minimal set of documents and application review within 30 minutes

Loan currency


Minimal rate of return

14% (AERR — 15.8%)

Maximal amount

20 mln tenge

Maximal term

60 months


From 20%. With the DAMU fund guarantee, the downpayment amount is from 10%


Purchased vehicle


Voluntary insurance of a motor vehicle (КАСКО)

Business type

IE or LLP. Working experience:not less than 12 months


1. Identity card.

2. Constituent documents for legal entities or a registration certificate for individual entrepreneurs.

3. Tax declaration for the last reporting year.

4. A certificate from a car dealer with detailed information about the car purchased (year and country of manufacture, make, etc.).

If required, the Bank requests additional documents.

Phones for consulting

Beeline: +7 (776) 217-11-11
Tele2/Altel: +7 (747) 217-11-11
Kcell/activ: +7 (778) 217-11-11

Eurasian Stable Program

Loan essence:

Issued for business purposes

Loan currency:

Tenge, US Dollar, euro

Maximum loan amount:

Upon decision of the Authorized body of the Bank, but not more than 25% of the Bank equity

% rate:

Established by decision of the Authorized body of the Bank *;

Fixed interest rate in compliance with the fixed interest rate establishment methodology;

Floating interest rate only for legal entities in compliance with the

floating interest rate application methodology.

Loan term:

Up to 3 years, for purchase of fixed assets – up to 7 years

Special terms:

Stable business, active for not less than 6 months

(without interruption) prior to submitting an application. No negative credit history

Money Pledge Program

Loan essence:

Issued for commercial purposes against security/pledge of money on the account (deposit)

Loan currency:

Tenge, US Dollar, euro

Maximum loan amount:

Not more than 99% of the money pledge amount on the 2240 account and 5 mln US Dollars, equivalent in tenge, euro

Not more than 99% of the deposit amount and 5 mln US Dollars, equivalent in tenge, euro

% rate:

Deposit interest rate (money on the account) – 2.5-4% per annum (annual effective rate of return — from 2.9% per annum) ***

Loan term:

Term of placement of money on the account/deposit

Special terms:

Money available on the Bank account/deposit

Preferential terms under Eurasian Stable and Loans Against Money Pledge on the Deposit Programs:

decrease in the interest rate by 0.5-2%%*** per annum;


Do you need to finance your working capital? Or fill in the cash gap?
Overdraft to the rescue!


  • Loan limits already approved (reflected in Client’s Bank).
  • A minimal set of documents.
  • Registration within 4 hours.
  • Loan issuance within 2 minutes from the moment the application is submitted to Client’s Bank.


Tenge, US Dollars, euro, rubles.

Overdraft limit

Maximum 6 months.

Overdraft rate

21% (AERR from 28.4%).


Limit opening fee — 0%, tranche issuance fee — 0.3% of a tranche amount.

Maximal amount

20 million tenge.

Tranche term

30 calendar days.

Required documents

  • Agreement on Setting Overdraft Limit.
  • A decision of the authorized body of a legal entity to obtain a loan (if the customer is a legal entity).
  • Consents to provision of information to the credit bureau and issuance of a credit report.
  • Consent to personal data processing.
  • Document verifying an identity.

Requirements for the customer

  • Availability of the active account with Eurasian Bank.
  • Availability of continuous money receipts to the account within 6 months.
  • Availability of monthly receipts from at least 3 counterparties.
  • Availability of current loans with Eurasian Bank.
  • Absence of arrest and the accounts file.


No collateral required.

More info

For details, please contact Central Outlets of the Bank in your city or call the Contact Center at:
+7 (776) 217-11-11 – Beeline.
+7 (778) 217-11-11 – Kcell/Activ.
+7 (747) 217-11-11 – Tele2/Altel.

* Rates and Fees of Eurasian Bank

** Depending on the loan term

*** Description of banking products – commercial loan products of Eurasian Bank (for corporate and SME business) approved by the Management Board of Eurasian Bank Minutes No. 23 dated 12 June 2015.

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