Safe storage

Eurasian Bank guarantees safety of your valuables and documents!

Safety deposit box transactions*

Services for storage of money, securities, jewelry, documents and other customers’ valuables, corresponding to the size of provided safety deposit boxes.

* the Bank / Branch shall not accept explosives, flammables, firearms, gas and cold weapons, chemicals, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for storage.

Rental term – from 1 day to 13 months and more

The Bank accepts customer’s property for storage without registration of the contents.

The Bank Security Service monitors storage facilities and access to safety deposit boxes 24 hours a day.

The Bank guarantees absolute secrecy and safekeeping of property in safety deposit boxes.

Unique possibilities

Access to a safety deposit box

At any time convenient for the Customer during an operational day

Use of a safety deposit box

By the third party under a power of attorney

Together with the Customer’s Partner for secure transferring of money from the Customer to the Partner.

Payment methods

At the Customer’s request payment in made in cash or cashless. Payment is made for the entire rental period of the safety deposit box.

Benefits of keeping valuables in safety deposit boxes

  • The volume of valuables or money stored is limited only by the size of the selected safety deposit box.
  • In the case of forced liquidation of the Bank, access to safety deposit boxes shall not be limited, the content shall be given back to owners.
  • The obvious plus of a safety deposit box compared to keeping money at home is protection against theft

Interesting facts about safety deposit boxes

  • A safety deposit box does not provide with the opportunity to gain income from keeping money and valuables, BUT allows you to avoid risks related to keeping them at home
  • The Bank depository is comprised of metal safety deposit boxes of a different size. Individual safety deposit boxes are in located the depository equipped with special security and anti-fire systems of high class


You can make use of the depository services in the bank Branches, situated in the cities of Almaty, Astana, Rudny, Karaganda, Atyrau, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey, Kostanay, Shymkent.

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