Loan for a new car

  • New foreign-made cars, manufactured in Russia and CIS states, China (lending only for FAW, Changan, Hover, Lifan, DongFeng, Geely BYD (Build Your Dreams), Haima, JAC, Chery, ZOTYE brands (the producing country is determined by the place of registration of a car brand)
  • Motorcycles, motor-rollers (scooters) with an engine capacity of over 50 cub. cm
  • Four-wheelers, snowmobiles, jet skis
  • The loan is provided for purchase of a car from Car Dealers, partners of Eurasian Bank JSC.


Loan consideration 30 minutes

Identity Card is sufficient

Loan is registered at car dealer

Loan issuance terms

Lending currency


Loan amount

from 450, 000 to

30, 000, 000 tenge

Loan term**

up to 84 months


from 10%

Interest rates*

Product without fees

  • For purchase of new cars without charging fees: from 21.5% (AERR from 23.7%)


a purchased vehicle

Minimum downpayment

  • From 10% of the car price, including Geely, JAC, Lifan make cars.
  • For cars manufactured in China (excepting Geely, JAC, Lifan make cars) – from 20% of the car price.
  • For motorcycles, motor-rollers (scooters) — from 20% of the vehicle price.
  • For Four-wheelers, snowmobiles, jet skis — from 20% of the vehicle price.
  • Within Trade-in, the full / partial amount of the downpayment may be accepted by the Car Dealer as a used car of the Borrower / Co-Borrower (as required by the Car Dealer).


Security insurance – voluntary vehicle insurance (KASKO) shall be at the expense of the Bank (if otherwise provided by the terms of the product of the loan).

* depending on the loan term, vehicle, loan amount and action terms

**For motorcycles, motor-rollers (scooters), four-wheelers, snowmobiles, jet skis – up to 36 months

Last changes dated 8 September 2017, according to the Extract from the Questionnaire No. ГКК-2017-2-1093 of the Main Credit Committee meeting

Requirements for the client

  • Age – over 21 years old, must not be above the retirement age (58 years for women, 63 years for men) by the expiration date of the Bank loan agreement. Below 65 years of age (with the loan amount up to 5,000,000 (five million) tenge), with obligatory participation of the co-borrower whose age must not exceed the retirement age at the expiration date of the agreement.
  • The nationality of the Republic of Kazakhstan with permanent residence and employment within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Certification of uninterrupted pension contributions for the last 6 (six) months
  • If the client is a retired person, according the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on pension provision, the Co-borrower is required
  • Loan is issued only at the place of residence registration, excepting loans, issued at car dealers of BIPEK AUTO Kazakhstan LLP, Astana Motors KMC, ASIA AUTO JSC, UzDaewoo JV, Merkur Auto LLP, Avtomir Tsentr LLP, Aster Auto LLP, Miraba Group LLP, Auto Trader LLP, Royal Cars LLP, Almaty Ato LLP, Ural-Krov-Auto Plus LLP, AstekAuto LLP, ALLURE AUTO GC LLP

Loan repayment

Methods of repayment

  • Via Smartbank mobile app
  • Via Bank terminals
  • Via cash desk at the Bank outlet

Early repayment

  • Partial and full early repayment
  • No fines and fees
  • No limit for repayment amount

The possibility of obtaining

 loan for 1 day

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