Visa Infinite


7% bonuses for purchases

Free cash withdrawal
up to 300 000 tenge
in any ATM of the world*

Free card delivery


International insurance

6 free visits a year to business
lounges at airports under the Lounge Key program**

Card terms

Type of card

Visa Infinite


multicurrency KZT, USD, EUR

Monthly card service

1, 000 tenge***

Incredibly high bonuses under premium loyalty program

1. 1.5% from each purchase — guaranteed bonus.

2. Up to 2% bonuses for a deposit:

+ 1% for a deposit from 1, 000, 000 to 5, 999, 999.99 tenge;
+ 2% for a deposit over 6, 000, 000 tenge.
3. + 2.5% for choosing the favorite category in the Smartbank remote banking system:

– Restaurants, bars, cafés – Up to 6%;

– Auto, fuel-filling stations, maintenance stations – Up to 6%;

– Supermarkets;

– Air flights, travels – Up to 6%;

– Clothes, accessories – Up to 6%;

– Pharmacies, medical services- Up to 6%.

4. + 1% payment of services in Smartbank.

5. Double guaranteed bonuses for purchases ****.

Cash withdrawal at ATM in the Eurasian  Bank network

No commission Up to 2, 000, 000 tenge a month (over 2, 000, 000 tenge – 0.95% of an amount)

Cash withdrawal at ATM in the network of  other banks

no fee (up to 300, 000 tenge in a month – 1% of the amount)

Cash withdrawal in the network of ATMs  outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan

no fee (up to 300, 000 tenge in a month – 1,5% of the amount)



* A bank servicing an ATM, in some cases may charge an additional fee for cash issuance.
** Free visits to VIP-lounges under Lounge Key program are available only for a holder of a Visa Infinite basic card. More at visa.com.kz.

*** Free if there is a deposit in the amount of 10,000,000 tenge or more. The term comes into effect if:

1) the deposit amount has not been less than 10,000,000 tenge for the consecutive 30 calendar days;

2) the monthly service fee is changed within 10 business days from the moment the customer contacts the Bank Outlet with a request to change the service terms.

**** Double guaranteed bonuses for purchases (accrued in the first 3 months after issuance of a new salary card). The card should be ordered at the outlet, doubling bonuses shall not apply to cards ordered remotely. More on the Bonuses.

 – For one transaction, the bonus is accrued only once – at the highest rate.


Transfer from any bank card at pay.smartbank.kz or in the Smartbank app.

Cash via Bank payment terminal or Cash-in ATM.

Cash via Bank cashdesk.

Additional features

International insurance from Visa till $1 000 000. Visa Infinite Insurance terms, Visa Infinite certificate.

Preferential access to VIP lounge Lounge Key. The cost of 1 visit for 1 guest is $ 32, at the entrance to the VIP room the amount of $ 3.25 is pre-blocked, which is unlocked after debiting (for 30 days or more) of the principal amount for visiting $ 32. For major cardholders, 6 visits per year are free. For more convenient use of the service, register at https://www.loungekey.com/visacisseeloungeprogramVI

Concierge Service Contacts:

8 (800) 555-70-46 (free in Kazakhstan)

+ 7 (717) 269-62-52 — for mobile connection, according to the operator’s rates.

Electronic PIN-code: set your own PIN-code.

3D Secure: secured payments for Internet purchases.

Visa Privileges World: Special Offers and Discounts.***

Participate in Visa promotions and get guaranteed prizes and discounts of up to 70%.

1. Malaysia.

2. Thailand.

3. Taiwan.

4. Australia.

5. Ukraine.

6. Bulgaria.

7. Singapore.

8. Indonesia.

8. Brazil.

10. Nigeria.

11. Hong Kong.

12. The Philippines.

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+7 (702) 000 7722

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