Co-branded Astana LRT card


4,5% bonus
for purchase

Free cash withdrawal
up to 300 000 tenge
in any ATM of the world*

Hand-to-hand delivery: free.

Up to 2% bonuses for deposit

1% guaranteed bonuses, and
+1% for favorite category

Fare for public transport in Astana

*no fee (up to 300, 000 tenge in a month)

Main terms

Card type

Mastercard Gold



Monthly service fee

0 tenge

Cash withdrawal at ATM in the Bank network

No commission

Cash withdrawal at ATM in the network of other banks in Kazakhstan

Up to 300, 000 tenge a month – free
(over 300, 000 tenge — 1% of an amount)

Cash withdrawal at ATM abroad

Up to 300, 000 tenge a month – free
(over 300, 000 tenge — 1,5% of an amount)

Incredibly high bonuses under premium loyalty program**

1. 1% for each purchase.

2. 0,3% if deposit 100 000 tenge – 499 999,99 tenge

0,7% if deposit 500 000 tenge – 999 999,99 tenge

1% if deposit 1 000 000 tenge до 2 999 999,99 tenge

1,5% if deposit 3 000 000 tenge до 5 999 999,99 tenge

2% if deposit up to 6 000 000 tenge.

3. +1% for choosing the favorite category in Smartbank.kz.

4. +0,5% for contactless NFC/Apple Pay-payments.

Maximal bonus for choosing the favorite category

1. Restaurants, bars, cafes: up to 4,5%.

2. Auto, fuel-filling stations, maintenance stations: up to 4,5%.

3. Supermarkets: up to 4,5%.

4. Air flights, travels: up to 4,5%.

5. Clothes, accessories: up to 4,5%.

6. Electronics: up to 4,5%.

7. Pharmacies, medical services: up to 4,5%.


100 tenge per month

Hand-to-hand delivery


How to top up the travel app

Choose Payment for services.

Choose Astana LRT public transport provider.

Enter 10-digit account number on the back of Astana LRT Card.

The list of Astana LRT terminals can be found at alrt.kz.

More info about topping up and using the travel app here.

How to pay fares by Astana LRT Card

  • Touch the Astana LRT Card on the validator when entering the transport.
  • Fair paid.

The Controller may ask you to touch in on the validator once again for verification purposes. In that case, your fare for the journey will not be charged repeatedly.

How to activate Monthly Ticket Tariff

  • When toping up the travel app, select City monthly ticket or City + Suburb monthly ticket.
  • Touch the card on the validator when entering the transport and hold 3 to 5 seconds. Get the sound signal.
  • Wait for the “Adding, OK” message on the validator screen.
  • Touch the card on the validator once again, get a message on successful validation.
  • Fair paid.

Note! If you top up the travel app through Smartbank or Qiwi payment terminals, the card should be validated twice in the transport public system.


Adding the card ONLINE: free from any bank card at PAY.SMARTBANK.KZ.

Additional features

  • Electronic PIN-code: set your own PIN-code.
  • 3D Secure: secured payments for Internet purchases.

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