Guaranteeing within the Yenbek Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship State Program

Maximum amount:

8, 000 MCIs (Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Aktau, Atyrau, Shymkent); 6500 MCIs — other towns.

Guarantee amount:

no more than 85% of the loan amount


up to 5 years

Loan purpose:

financing working capital

How to apply




Preparation of documents


Submitting an application



Product Description and General Terms:

The target segment of state support recipients is active entrepreneurs implementing their own projects in all cities, excepting for small towns, without industry restrictions and without taking into account the entrepreneur’s place of registration.

An active entrepreneur is a small business entity, whose state registration period as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity is more than three years at the time of applying to the STB/MFO for a loan.

The guarantee amount is not more than 50% of the loan amount, while a novice entrepreneur or third parties provide security with a collateral value sufficient to cover at least 50% of the loan amount. At calculation of the adequacy of the security amount, the pledge of the right of claim and the pledge of shares in the charter capital of business partnerships are not taken into account.

Guarantee period – not longer than a loan term.

Project review period is 5 working days.

Banks/MFOs independently select and make decisions on financing entrepreneurs’ projects.

General Terms of a Guaranteed Loan:

Guarantee is allowed to entrepreneurs that receive loans meeting the requirements of the rules for lending/micro-lending in the cities of the program

The amount of a loan per entrepreneur that is guaranteed shall not exceed 8,000 MCIs. At the same time, the loan amount is calculated for one entrepreneur without taking into account the loan debts of related persons.

Loan purposes: investments and/or acquisition of new and/or modernization of fixed assets and/or working capital financing.

Interest rate on the loan – not more than 6% per annum.

Loan term — according to lending terms of second-tier banks/MFOs.

Collateral and liquidity ratios for them – in accordance with the requirements of the collateral policy of the STB/MFOs. At that the pledge of claims, the pledge of participation shares in the authorized capital of business partnerships at calculation of the sufficiency of the amount of collateral is not taken into account. It is allowed to calculate the sufficiency of the collateral received in the future, and third-party collateral.

Loan currency — tenge.

Special Product Terms:

Provision of a preliminary letter-of-guarantee, as well as signature of the guarantee agreement, is carried out only after the approval of the entrepreneur’s project by the authorized body of the Fund.

The guaranteed loan must be issued in the form of an independent loan agreement/loan facility agreement.

After receiving a preliminary letter of guarantee from the Fund, the STB/MFO may, at its discretion, partially issue up to 50% of the loan amount.

The Fund is entitled to accept third-party guarantee obligations in order to ensure due performance of the terms of the guarantee agreement.

By decision of the Fund, the property provided as collateral for the loan may be insured.

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